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$Modal サービス



  • modalの使い方を把握する。
  • 単純に$ すると、modalになっていない、、
ui.bootstrap.modal 翻訳

$modal is a service to quickly create AngularJS-powered modal windows. Creating custom modals is straightforward: create a partial view, its controller and reference them when using the service.

  • $modal はすぐ AngularJSを使ったモーダルウィンドウを作成するためのサービスです。カスタムモーダルの作成は簡単です。:部分的なビューと、そのコントローラを作成し、サービスを使用するときにそれらを参照します。

The $modal service has only one method: open(options) where available options are like follows:

  • $modalサービスは、メソッドが1つ open(options) だけです。: 利用可能なオプションは次のようなものです。

  • templateUrl - a path to a template representing modal's content

  • template - inline template representing the modal's content
  • scope - a scope instance to be used for the modal's content (actually the $modal service is going to create a child scope of a provided scope). Defaults to $rootScope
  • controller - a controller for a modal instance - it can initialize scope used by modal. Accepts the "controller-as" syntax in the form 'SomeCtrl as myctrl'; can be injected with $modalInstance
  • controllerAs - an alternative to the controller-as syntax, matching the API of directive definitions. Requires the controller option to be provided as well
  • resolve - members that will be resolved and passed to the controller as locals; it is equivalent of the resolve property for AngularJS routes backdrop - controls presence of a backdrop. Allowed values: true (default), false (no backdrop), 'static' - backdrop is present but modal window is not closed when clicking outside of the modal window.
  • keyboard - indicates whether the dialog should be closable by hitting the ESC key, defaults to true
  • backdropClass - additional CSS class(es) to be added to a modal backdrop template
  • windowClass - additional CSS class(es) to be added to a modal window template
  • windowTemplateUrl - a path to a template overriding modal's window template size - optional size of modal window. Allowed values: 'sm' (small) or 'lg' (large). Requires Bootstrap 3.1.0 or later The open method returns a modal instance, an object with the following properties:

  • close(result) - a method that can be used to close a modal, passing a result

  • dismiss(reason) - a method that can be used to dismiss a modal, passing a reason
  • result - a promise that is resolved when a modal is closed and rejected when a modal is dismissed
  • opened - a promise that is resolved when a modal gets opened after downloading content's template and resolving all variables In addition the scope associated with modal's content is augmented with 2 methods:

  • $close(result)

  • $dismiss(reason) Those methods make it easy to close a modal window without a need to create a dedicated controller.

backdrop='static' でもクリックできる


  • $modal のモーダル機能は、cssで擬似的に処理しているっぽい。
  • なので、bootstrap.min.css をstyleに当てるとモーダルになった。